Working of AC systems in summer:

All the cooling appliances need to work hard in summer. It is because the workload is greater on them and the outside temperature forces them to work hard and deliver more. The humidity in the summer demands your appliances to work harder in the hot season. Similarly, the people coming from outside use them more. So, it is important to take extra caring measures of such appliances in summer to ensure their smooth working in a summer season.  For a regular hvac service click here.

What measures should be taken in summer?

There are many things to do to keep your appliances in good form in the hot season. Here we would discuss those tips and measures which you can take to ensure the optimized performance of the appliances.

  • Cleaning the condenser coils
  • Keeping a good air seal
  • Changing the air filters frequently
  • Cleaning and blocking the way of debris

1: Cleaning the condenser coils:

Condensor coils are important elements of the system and their frequent cooling is essential to their smooth working. The basic purpose of these coils is that they keep the system cool by releasing heat from the compressor part. If the coils are not in good shape then only a small part of heat would be carried away which would increase the temperature of the compressor resulting in the possible damage to the compressor system. So, ensure the cleaning of the condenser coils frequently in the summer as the workload is greater.

2: Keeping a good air seal:

The more the temperature of the room is higher, the more the system has to work in reducing it. So look out for the possible leakages in the room from where the heat is entering the room and fill those gaps. Keep a good air seal so that the least amount of cooling is lost. This would decrease the load on the system.

3: Changing air filters frequently:

Some people don’t care enough about the air filters of the air conditioning systems. The fact is that air filters are an important component of the system and they need to be changed regularly. The become dirty over time and if not changed within time. They may lead to the increased bills. So, it is advised to the people to change the filter after atleast three months. But if you observe dirt and debris earlier than change it immediately.

4: Cleaning and blocking the way of debris:

The debris may get into the system and cause a lot of problems. It also shortens the life of a filter. And causes the system to work harder to filter it. There are multiple ways to fix this problem. Clean the room frequently to avoid the debris to pile up in the room. As well as look for the possible passages through which debris is entering the room and close them. It is an important advise to turn off the system before cleaning it. You don’t need complex equipment to clean the system as it can be done easily with a simple hosepipe.